Registration Information


We are having a craft fair in this year of social distancing and no gathering! It will be 100 percent online this year so that we can responsibly raise money for the high school band program, protect our vendors, many of whom are vulnerable, and keep the tradition going! We’re not quitters when things get tough, and we hope you can stick it out with us.

This is where we would traditionally tell you about booth sizes and the number of vendors we can have. That’s all different this year, so what you will see below is a list of bullet points about the 2020 virtual craft fair. Almost everything about the craft fair will be different this year, so please read the information below carefully.

Registration uses a similar format to previous years. Please follow the directions carefully.

There is no limit to the number of vendors we can host this year.

The booth fee is $25.00.

Each vendor must have an online sales platform.

We will link to vendor “booths” from our new website,

The online craft fair will run from October 1 through December 20.

All items must be handmade, as always at the Sandia Band Craft Fair.

Registration can happen over a period of time, allowing you time to set up an online sales platform such as Etsy or anything that works for you.

Out-of-area crafters are welcome to purchase “booths” in the 2020 Sandia Band Craft Fair.

Vendors must arrange pick up, drop off, or delivery of sold items.

See the Foods section below for details about selling food.

Absolutely no pill, medicine, or prescription bottle crafts will be allowed, as usual.

We are going to advertise like mad.

Some examples of advertising we plan: windshield flyers, signs at intersections, banners at Sandia High School, Albuquerque Journal ads, radio stations, online, including event pages, Albuquerque and New Mexico tourism pages, Facebook sales groups, and anywhere else we can find to advertise for free.

We want you to succeed, so we’re going to work hard to get shoppers to see your links on our new page.

We understand that all vendors cannot sell online. You will NOT lose your favorite booth space at the regular craft fair in 2021 if you cannot participate this year and you are one of the first 240 vendors purchasing booths in 2021. We will revert to the 2019 booth map. What happens in 2020 stays in 2020.

The sales window spans autumn themed items, Thanksgiving items, and winter holiday items. Because we’re providing a link to your website or online store, you can manage what items shoppers see when.

We’ve got detailed registration dates—and it’s a long registration window, so you can register when you’re ready, set up your online sales platform over a period of time, and be ready when our craft fair goes live.


The Sandia Band Boosters Craft Fair is primarily a craft fair. However, in this year of cancelled events and social distancing, what usually happens is thrown out the window. We will have an unlimited number of vendors, but we do still have restrictions on the food items associated with our craft fair. Please read the information below carefully, as your sales link will be removed and no vendor booth fees refunded if we discover that you have broken any rules or food safety requirements.

All vendors must strictly adhere to the following rules, registration, and restrictions, no matter what your experience as a food vendor has been in the past at other fairs (even ours), markets, events, or online sales.

The Food Rules

All foods must be prepared and maintained in accordance with the New Mexico Environmental Department’s Temporary Food Handler’s Permit. All information and instructions to get your Temporary Food Handler’s permit can be found here: NMED Temporary Food Service Permit.

It is your responsibility to get your permit and follow any and all instructions associated with said permit. The cost of this permit varies depending on your specific set of circumstances as a food vendor.

All vendors must provide their own equipment, sanitizing, food service gloves, etc. as required by the New Mexico Environmental Department. The Sandia Band Boosters will not provide this and are not responsible for assisting any vendor with compliance of the state’s food safety laws. This responsibility rests solely on the individual food vendor.

Out of state food vendors must comply with both their local food safety handling requirements as well as the New Mexico requirements.

No store-bought, imported, restaurant-bought, or “mass-produced” foods may be sold, even if in gift baskets, etc.

Vendors selling food may sell handmade crafts as well.

Any vendor not following these rules will be required to cease food sales immediately and without refund of booth rental. These vendors will not be approved to sell food at a future Sandia Band Craft Fair. It is of utmost importance to us to maintain safety and protect the reputation of our fair. 

Important Dates

September 1-15 craft fair registration

September 16-30 late registration*

(Behind the scenes) September 15-30 website building by skilled volunteers

October 1-December 20 the online craft fair goes live

*Vendors registered with a website link sent to us by September 15 will be on our website beginning October 1. Our volunteer website builders will add late registrants as they are able, but it may be after October 1.

The Fine Print

We continue to accept vendor booth payments ONLY via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.

Please double check your online application for accuracy. We are not responsible for incorrect contact information and/or our inability to reach you.  We are not responsible for any false information on your application. PLEASE read and answer each question carefully. If you do not do this, you might be left off important lists and online category buttons that we use to direct customers to specific vendors/merchandise. 

After you fill out your registration form and click Check out with PayPal, at the top of the page you should see a THANK YOU message and confirmation that your response has been recorded. You should also see a transaction number and the date and time you completed your application. This means your registration was a success.

By clicking the link below you indicate you have read and understand the information above and agree to abide by all the craft fair terms and conditions.