2023 Craft Fair Vendor Information

General Instructions for all vendors

Unloading/Arrival time: 6:00AM to 7:45AM

Please print your parking pass and place it on your dash so that our volunteers can easily see it. This year all vendors will arrive and unload in the senior parking lot located at Pennsylvania and Candelaria. When you arrive, there will be an adult volunteer directing you to an unloading area. Please follow the instructions of our parking attendants and pull all the way forward to unload. Be mindful of pedestrian traffic as there will be other crafters, students and volunteers walking in driving lanes and between cars. Everyone in the lot is there to unload so please be patient, we will make sure you get to your space. If you have a large display or a large inventory, we recommend coming early. Remember, set up begins as early as 6:00 AM. At the end of the day, you may load and leave from any area with open parking spaces. 

The unloading zone in front of the school is a 10-minute unloading zone. Please unload quickly and move your vehicle to vendor parking as soon as possible. Our adult and student volunteers are available with wagons and dollies to transport items to your booth. We recommend carpooling or having an extra person with you when possible so that someone can begin setting up the booth while another moves the car. Please do not set up your booth or unpack materials until your car has been moved from the unloading zone. Please be courteous to your fellow crafters and respect the 10-minute time limit. If you are driving a large truck or are pulling a trailer, please see the next section for information on unloading zones that accommodate large vehicles.

After you unload, pleaseproceed to VENDOR parking.  Nobody will be allowed to park in the unloading lot for any reason. If you have a placard allowing you to park in an ADA spot, you may move your car to the lower administration lot off of Candelaria. This lot is being reserved for accessible parking. You must show or have displayed a valid placard for entry to this lot. 

Vendor parking is in 3 areas:

  1. Parking lot south of the baseball field, on the north side of Candelaria. This parking lot is accessed by entering Yucca Loop, driving the entire Yucca Loop and turning right into the baseball parking lot right before the exit to Candelaria. This lot is closest to the east end of the building and outdoor vendor spaces and will be available until full.
  2. Faith Lutheran Church parking lot on the northwest corner of Candelaria and Pennsylvania. This lot is available until it is full. This lot is the closest to the west side of the building and fills fast. If you wish to park in this lot, arrive as close to the 6 AM set-up time as possible.
  3. Marching Lot on the corner of Pennsylvania and Dellwood Rd., which is accessed from Dellwood Rd. This lot is just across the bridge from the swimming pool. We will likely begin diverting traffic to this lot between 7:00 and 7:30 when the other lots are full.

The map highlights vendor parking areas. We will not open additional lots until after the fire marshal inspection and official start of the craft fair.

Band students and volunteers will be available to help throughout the day. Please do not hesitate to ask for their help. If you need to speak with a coordinator, please ask one of these students to find Dallon, Caryn or another committee member.  

Trailers and large box trucks/UHauls

If you are hauling a trailer of any kind behind a vehicle or are driving a box truck, large truck or U-Haulyou will need to carefully follow the directions of our parking attendants when you enter the lot from Pennsylvania. Large trucks and trucks hauling trailers will be directed to an unloading area that allows extra space and room to maneuver. Once you have unloaded your trailer continue to the Marching Lot or Yucca loop to park. These are the only vendor parking areas that can accommodate large vehicles or vehicles pulling a trailer or other tow behindVolunteers will ask you to move if you try to park and leave your trailer in any lot other than these lots. You may not impede customer parking or food trucks with a trailer or large box truck.

Booth Set-Up

Vendors must supply everything they need to run their booth such as tables, chairs, displays and shade structures. If you purchased a booth with electricity, you will need to bring cords, etc. and you may not overload the circuit.

Open flames such as candles, incense, etc. are prohibited both indoors and outdoors. Also, the fire marshal does not allow any flammable decor such as hay bales, excess fabric, etc. Battery operated candles and lights are allowed. 

Please ensure that your booth is contained inside your assigned space as outlined by the colored chalk marks or tape. Please be courteous to your fellow crafters by not encroaching on their space, even if it appears they are not using it. We must keep aisles clear of crates, totes, boxes and displays to follow fire code so make certain anything you bring can be stowed within your space when not in use. Otherwise, you may be asked to haul empty crates and boxes back to your vehicle. We do not offer extra storage space.

Please do NOT place tape on ANY surfaces, use nails or tacks, or damage school property in any way. You must obey instructions from the fire marshal and craft fair organizers. The fire marshal will begin inspecting booth spaces at 8:00 AMAll vendors must be in their spaces and have all tables, chairs, structural displays and shade structures/umbrellas (outdoor booths only) set up by 8:00 AM. We strongly suggest you set up these items before putting out merchandise. If the fire marshal is there to inspect your booth, and your booth is not fully constructed, you may not be able to set up missing items, including your shade structure after the inspection or for the duration of the fair.


The fair runs from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Indoor vendors may not leave before 4:00 PM. Due to the possibility of inclement weather and the fact they are outside and have more room to move around, we are allowing OUTDOOR vendors to leave anytime they wish.

Volunteers will not be available for pack-out until 4:00 PM regardless of the vendor’s booth location. If you leave before 4:00 you must remove all of your items without the assistance of our volunteers.


The Information tables are located inside the commons under the Matador statue, below the administration building at the east end of the path that connects the administration building and in front of the music building at the west end of the path. This is noted in blue on the map below. Please let us know if you need anything. The information table will have lists of vendor names, business names, types of crafts, etc. to make it easy for your customers to find you. If you are worried about your customers finding you, please encourage them to check the information booth or use the online vendor directory tool on our website for your location.

LOST AND FOUND items will be at the information table. If you find a lost item, a student can take it to the lost and found for you.

Restrooms are located in the main building. There are no portable restrooms outside this year. Follow the signs to the closest restroom. The entire music building is reserved for volunteers and band representatives.

No smoking, vaping, alcohol or drugs are permitted anywhere on campus. Please be courteous to our students, volunteers and shoppers. If you must smoke or use e-cigarettes, please do so in your vehicle or off campus.

Please keep in mind that this is a 100% volunteer event, and many volunteers are minors, and/or have not helped at the craft fair before. Please be patient or ask for a committee member’s help if needed. If you have any questions or concerns before the day of the fair, please email sandiacraftfair@gmail.com


Craft donations are gratefully accepted but are not mandatory. Students will be coming to your booth in the morning with a donation form. If you would like to donate, a student can pick up your donation or you can take it to either information table. Your generous donations support our silent auction fundraisers. Thank you in advance! 


There will be food trucks available in the lower administration parking lot as shown on the map.  We cannot guarantee food truck participation, and we do not have any say over their menus. They are independent businesses and have total control over their offerings. We no longer run our snack bar during the event so plan meals accordingly and support our local food trucks if possible. They will appreciate it.

We will provide complimentary coffee in the morning and will have bottled water for sale. Our students will have a drink trolly roaming the event or you may ask your student volunteer for coffee or water.  There are bottle fillers around the school to fill personal water bottles.

ALL FOOD TRUCKS AND BOOTH VENDORS SELLING FOOD PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION MUST HAVE A FOOD PERMIT FROM THE NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT. The link the New Mexico Environmental Department provided to us for our initial application information does not appear to have the application for a food permit. Please call their Albuquerque office at (505) 222-9500 to ensure you have the proper permit to sell food at our craft fair. Or you can visit their offices at: 121 Tijeras Avenue, NE Suite 1000 in Albuquerque, NM 87102

Special Instructions for Outdoor Vendors

Outdoor booths are rain or shine. We will not offer refunds or relocate outdoor vendors to inside in the event of inclement weather.


If you have a 10×10 booth space, it may be covered with a shade structure that fits in a 10×10 area. If you have a 10×6 COVERED booth, you may bring an umbrella or smaller shade structure that fits in a 10×6 space. Round umbrellas may not stick out on the sides or rear of your booth unless there are no other vendors near you. They may stick out the front of the booth. If you have a 10×6 UNCOVERED booth, it CANNOT be covered with anything. Booth placement follows the fire marshal’s requirements for covered & uncovered areas.

All shade structures must be weighed down with weights, sandbags, rock bags, water weights, etc., on all 4 legs. Umbrellas must be secured in a weighted base.  All shade structures, canopies and umbrellas must be commercially produced and bought. No homemade structures are allowed. Tent material is subject to the following standards, as per City of Albuquerque Fire Marshal’s Office Tent Permit Application: TENT MATERIAL: All tent material shall meet “State of California Fire Marshal’s Office” standards as per IFC Section 2404.2, NFPA 701, or CPAI84. (IFC 3104.2) 

If you have any questions about your structure, please email a picture or link of your specific structure to sandiacraftfair@gmail.com

Electricity Outdoors

We do not offer electricity for outdoor booths. Generators are not allowed (with the exception of food trucks). We suggest bringing a power bank to charge your cell phone or multiple devices if you take payment electronically. Outdoor vendors will not have access to indoor outlets as other vendors paid for the privilege of having electricity. Please do not ask to use their outlets. If you have an emergency need for electricity, see a volunteer for help.

Propane heaters are not allowed.

Maps and Unloading Zones

FIND YOUR UNLOADING ZONE ON THE MAP BELOW or download the map here. PLEASE REFERENCE THE BOOTH NUMBER WE PROVIDED IN YOUR EMAIL OR ON THE INTERACTIVE DIRECTORY TOOL ON THIS WEBSITE. Vendors will NOT be allowed to unload in the fire lane past the yellow barriers in the unloading lot.

Links to Maps Below

A Hall
B Hall
C Hall
Outside – 1
Outside – 2
Outside – 3