2021 Sandia Band Boosters outdoor craft fair

Welcome to the 2021 

Sandia Band Boosters 


We are so happy to have you registered as a vendor in our fair. Please let us know how we can help make your experience successful!

Your support helps our band purchase & repair instruments, pay music licensing fees, pay for transportation to competitions, games and shows, purchase uniforms, upgrade technology, and much more.  But most importantly, you help provide a quality music education to the next generation. Thank you so much for helping make all this possible for these great kids!

We will not be handing out vendor packets this year.  All the info you need is on this page or in the links provided. We do not want to create an opportunity to have papers blow around and litter the school grounds. If you have any questions not answered below, please email Andrea at newmexicoitaliangirl@gmail.com

If you need to reference the information included in the original application, you can do so here:


Please have the info below printed out or accessible electronically on the day of the fair. In order to have a safe and fun craft fair for all of our vendors and customers, we ask that you comply with the following policies to make the craft fair a success:

Unloading/Arrival time: 6:00AM to 8:00AM.

Please move in through your assigned unloading area. This year we have 4 unloading areas: Yucca Loop,  Upper Admin Lot, Lower Admin Lot and Senior Lot.  Please reference the below chart and map to determine your unloading zone. The below map is also attached to the email that includes your booth number. Upper Admin lot can be accessed via either entrance on Candelaria. Lower Admin lot can only be accessed via the west entrance to the Admin lots. You will need the booth number we listed in the email that provided you the link to this page. When you arrive, there will be an adult volunteer confirming your booth number and directing you and the students assisting you to your booth space. At the end of the day, you may load up and leave from any area that has open parking spaces. 

Band students are available to assist you in carrying your materials to and from your booth. If you need additional assistance, please speak with one of the adults assisting the band students.

After you unload, please move your vehicle to one of the vendor parking areas. This year vendor parking is located in 3 areas. 1) Parking lot south of the baseball field, on the north side of Candelaria. This parking lot is accessed by entering Yucca Loop, driving the entire Yucca Loop and turning right into the baseball parking lot right before the exit to Candelaria. 2) Faith Lutheran Church parking lot on the northwest corner of Candelaria and Pennsylvania. 3) Marching Lot on the corner of Pennsylvania and Dellwood Rd., which is accessed from Dellwood Rd. The map also highlights vendor parking areas. Another possibility would be to have a friend or family member drive you to the fair, and pick you up at the end of the day.  This would be the easiest option, especially for someone with mobility issues. 

If you are hauling a trailer of any kind behind a vehicle and are assigned to unload in Upper Admin Lot or Lower Admin Lot (booth numbers 1-69, 87-94, 134-145, and 177-192), you will need to enter via the Yucca Loop off Candelaria, follow the loop and head back towards Candelaria.  Before you reach Candelaria, turn right into the Baseball Vendor Parking Lot, just south of the baseball field.  Pull alongside the north side of the parking lot, opposite the parking spaces. (See red lines on map). Leave the parking spaces open for vendors to park. If you unload in Senior Lot or Yucca Loop and are towing a trailer, you can unload in your designated lot. No changes are needed. Marching Lot is the only vendor parking area that can accommodate a vehicle pulling a trailer or other tow behind.

Band students are assigned to your area during the craft fair and are happy to run to the food trucks for you, or to watch your booth for your bathroom breaks.  Please do not hesitate to ask for their help.  If you need to speak with a coordinator, please ask one of these students to find Andrea or Melinda.

Please ensure that your booth is contained inside your assigned space as outlined by the colored chalk marks.

ALL VENDORS SELLING ANY TYPE OF FOOD PRODUCT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION MUST HAVE A FOOD PERMIT FROM THE NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT.  The link the New Mexico Environmental Department provided to us for our initial application information does not appear to have the application for a food permit. Please call their Albuquerque office at (505) 222 – 9500 to ensure you have the proper permitting to sell food at our craft fair. Or you can visit their offices at: 121 Tijeras Avenue, NE Suite 1000 in Albuquerque, NM 87102

Please do NOT place tape on ANY surfaces, use nails or tacks, or damage school property in any way.

Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, shade, displays, etc.  We do not provide anything but the space and the customers. 

We are hoping that by having this event outside and spread out over a larger area than our inside space, customers will feel comfortable attending during the pandemic. 

Please keep the following in mind: If you have a 10×10 booth space, it may be covered with a shade structure that fits in a 10×10 area. If you have a 10×6 COVERED booth, you may bring an umbrella or smaller shade structure that fits in a 10×6 space. Please see below for information on round umbrellas. If you have a 10×6 UNCOVERED booth, it CANNOT be covered with anything. Booths are placed strategically to comply with the Fire Marshal’s requirements for covered & uncovered areas.

Shade structures: All shade structures must be weighed down with weights, sand bags, rock bags, water weights, etc., on all 4 legs. Weights must be secured to the posts.  Umbrellas must be secured in a weighted base. All shade structures, canopies and umbrellas must be commercially produced and purchased.  No homemade structures are allowed.  If you have any questions about your structure, please email a picture or link of your specific structure to newmexicoitaliangirl@gmail.com   If you have used your shade structure for outdoor events inside the city limits that were inspected by the fire marshall in the past, it should be fine.  We are happy to answer any questions about your shade structure. If you are in a 10×6 space and have a round umbrella, it may only stick out the front of your booth.  It may not stick out on the sides and/or rear, unless there are no other vendors to your sides/rear. Tent material is subject to the following standards, as per City of Albuquerque Fire Marshal’s Office Tent Permit Application: TENT MATERIAL: All tent material shall meet “State of California Fire Marshal’s Office” standards as per IFC Section 2404.2, NFPA 701, or CPAI84. (IFC 3104.2)    

No open flames such as candles, incense, etc. Also, the fire marshal does not allow any flammable decor such as hay bales, excess fabric, etc.  Battery operated candles and lights are allowed. 

No smoking, vaping, alcohol or drugs on campus, inside or out.

We do not have any electricity this year. Generators are not allowed. We suggest bringing a power bank to charge your cell phone or multiple devices if you take payment electronically. Propane heaters are not allowed.

We are able to have two sets of indoor restrooms open at the northwest end of the craft fair. We will have a bank of porta potties to the north of the Admin Building. Restroom locations are indicated by the blue highlighted dots on the map below. We will have signs for vendors and customers to find the facilities.  We will also have signs directing customers to every area that has vendor booths. 

You must obey instructions from the fire marshal and craft fair organizers. The fire marshal will begin inspecting booth spaces at 8:00AM. All vendors must be in their spaces and have all shade structures/umbrellas, tables, and structural displays set up by 8:00AM.  We strongly suggest you set all these items up before you start putting out your merchandise. If the fire marshal is there to inspect your booth, and your booth is not fully constructed, you might not be able to set up those items, including your shade structure, for the duration of the fair.

The fair runs from 9:00AM – 4:00PM.  Due to the possibility of inclement weather and the fact we are outside and have more room to move around, we are allowing vendors to leave anytime they wish.  However, we will not have any students available to help vendors move out until 4:00PM. Students have other duties until 4:00PM. 


Due to the craft fair covering more area this year, we will have 2 Info Booths:  One on the north end of Upper Admin Lot, and one on the west end of the Yucca path.  These are also noted on the map below, in green.  Please let us know if you need anything.  The info booths will have lists of vendor names, business names, type of crafts, etc. to make it easy for your customers to find you. We will direct them to your booth space. If you are worried about your customers finding you, please encourage them to check one of the info booths for your location. LOST AND FOUND items will be at either info booth.  If you find a lost item, a student can take it to the lost and found for you.

Craft donations are gratefully accepted for silent auctions which support the band throughout the year.  Donations are not mandatory. Students will be coming by your booth in the morning with a donation form. If you would like to make a donation, a student can pick up your donation or you can take it to the information table at the west end of the Yucca path. Thank you in advance! 

Food trucks that have committed to attending our event at this time are:  The Supper Truck, Vegan Vato, Tortas Chacon, and Mama T’s/The Green Growler.  All these trucks have an online presence and you can Google their menus.  We cannot guarantee that we won’t have a food truck cancelation or change, and we do not have any say over their menus. They are independent businesses and have total control over their offerings. 

Due to the decrease in Covid cases, we are relaxing our mask mandate. We are not requiring vendors or customers to wear masks. All volunteers will be wearing masks.  Please consider having a bottle of hand sanitizer at your booth.  

If you need to employ the refund policy due to a positive Covid test, or your need to quarantine after being exposed to Covid, please email the documentation to Andrea at newmexicoitaliangirl@gmail.com and we will refund your booth fee, minus the $10 administration fee.

Our flyers for this year are included below. The first flyer is what we’ve printed out for distribution around town.  The second image with the snowflake type design is what we are using on social media. Please feel free to use as you would like. 

Please keep in mind that this is a 100% volunteer event, and a lot of the helpers are minors, and/or have not helped at the craft fair before.  Please be as patient as possible. We are doing our best!  

If you have any questions or concerns before the day of the fair, please email Andrea at newmexicoitaliangirl@gmail.com 


FIND YOUR UNLOADING ZONE BELOW. PLEASE REFERENCE THE BOOTH NUMBER WE PROVIDED IN YOUR EMAIL. Please reference the below map to locate your unloading zone location.

Upper Admin Unloading Zone: Booths number 1 – 69*

Lower Admin Unloading Zone: Booths 87-94*, 134-145*, 177-192*

Yucca Loop Unloading Zone: Booths 95-133

Senior Lot Unloading Zone: 146-176

*If you are pulling a trailer and your booth number is assigned to Upper or Lower Admin Lot, please follow the instructions and pull into the Baseball Vendor Parking via the Yucca Loop. Senior Lot and Yucca Loop do not need to modify their unloading zone location to accommodate a trailer. Vehicles towing ANYTHING must park in the Marching Lot.

Click the download button to download the below flyer if you wish to print it out.

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